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In the Mirror


Marta Sala continues on her very personal path of research fuelled by a unique alchemy between her own sense for design and the craftsmanship she knows very well, by family tradition and her own personal appreciation for beauty and artistry.

The allure of MARTASALA ÉDITIONS collections is never merely a question of form. It also resides in the very high quality of the pieces, characterised by an expressiveness that defies convention, a meticulous choice of the finest materials and tailored workmanship that commands attention.

Each piece in the collections is akin to a micro-architecture, capable of existing alone or as a pair. Albeit everyday objects, they exude a free and nomadic spirit. They live in a contemporary world despite being rooted in the tradition of craftsmanship.

Like characters in a play, they possess a transformative spirit and are at home in unique settings such as private residences or exclusive contract projects, to which they add the grace of form, the shine of metal and the refined nuances of Loro Piana Interiors fabrics.

The title “IN THE MIRROR” beckons visitors to experience the collections from a somewhat new perspective.  Each piece is paired, almost like dancing couples, arranged next to each other at varying angles and reflected in the long mirrors adorning the walls, which, imbued with a touch of vanity, express the grace and intricate details of the collections to the public.

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