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The dialogue with designer Federico Peri started out as a natural need of injecting new blood into the brand, to exit a certain comfort-zone and exploring new territories to feed Marta Sala’s natural inclination as a patron, hunter and curator of good design. In 2022, the brand presents a four-pieces collection designed with this Italian young talent who admired Marta from her days at Azucena and finally approached her after being struck by MARTASALA ÉDITIONS’ first collection. Peri’s pieces - a console, an applique lamp, a table and a chair - bear MARTASALA ÉDITIONS’ taste for irony and are warmly defined “furniture with a smile”. Each piece bears its function and a bond with tradition and history that are part of MARTASALA ÉDITIONS’ heritage, but also include an intriguing element of ambiguity, a taste of a future that is yet to be lived and discovered. The collaboration is a celebration of simple instants, of gestures and habits that anyone had the time to focus on more than usual during the darkest days of the Pandemics. A little celebration of habits during time at home.

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