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Clin d'oeil


Seven years, six collections, over 80 pieces, these are the numbers of MARTASALA ÉDITIONS equation for a growing and now steady success, the recipe of a crescendo of enthusiasm and a trademark for quality. 

And that’s where MARTASALA ÉDITIONS inserted a new dare. Whilst celebrating and elevating what she built so far, she is opening to a new collaboration with Federico Peri, a talent of the new generation of Italian design who is rapidly gaining attention in the industry.

To punctuate the timeless nature of Marta Sala pieces then, a selection of the icons designed by Lazzarini & Pickering is celebrated by getting covered with the textiles by an excellence of Italian savoir faire, Loro Piana Interiors. This choice perfectly taps into the brand DNA, where craftsmanship, materials (therefore textiles), and the tactile and visual quality always played a decisive role.

The collaborations starts, as usual, as a dialogue between Marta and Federico, with a certain lightness and the will to experiment and discover something new. The result is a gentle blend of freshness and tradition, where Federico managed to approach the existing Marta Sala world with the desire of creating timeless pieces that could again, create a meaningful dialogue.

On one side then, the exquisite dialogue initiated with Carl and Claudio continues, and it will continue for the time being because as Marta would put it “they can’t just do anything wrong those two”.

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