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Marta Sala initiated her brand with a collaboration with Lazzarini & Pickering that immediately represented a fecund dialogue between both parties’s perception of design. Marta’s sixth sense for design production represented an ideal tool to cherry pick into the architects’s vast archive of tailor-made pieces. The collaboration continues today after five successful collections, and it’s a guarantee of quality and beauty. Lazzarini & Pickering are masters in creating what have been defined “micro-architectures”, furniture that possess not only a great level of taste and elegance but also the flexibility to adapt to different functions or configurations. The specific “solution-oriented” approach adopted by Lazzarini & Pickering for their designs makes each piece the element of a personal story, generated by the request of a client. The architects not only respond and solve the need, but they also apply their signature cultural and couture approach to it generating furniture of unforgettable significance.

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