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Highly-skilled and dedicated Milanese craftsmen are the core of Marta Sala'Edtions identity and uniqueness.
« I decide the collections’s themes, depending on the market, the frequent demands, my own requirement and the designers inspiration. I then discuss them the craftsmen,  » explains Marta, « The dialogue between our different and strong know-how is very stimulating, daring and playful and, with the attention to our clients wishes, is the secret of our quality ».

Once the design is completed with the architects, Marta works with the craftsmen she has selected, who are exclusively Italians. At this point, they discuss every detail the feasibility of the piece, the best materials to use, the costs etc. All in order to obtain the evidence and the lightness of perfection.

This is craftsmanship at its best. Materialised chic design and technical innovation.

For Marta, it is of paramount importance to create a new world with a strong identity, based on ethics and quality craftsmanship, with the addition of a touch of humour.

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