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The 2023 collection "Dehors" is the result of a well-established creative affinity with Lazzarini&Pickering, together with Federico Peri’s fresh and playful hand. Construction technologies inspired by marine fit-outs, combined with the aesthetic quality and technical performance of the innovative Loro Piana Interiors fabrics, are what inspired the concept of INDOOR/OUTDOOR sofas, armchairs and chairs. Upholstered seating distinguished by a refined design and custom details that cater to the growing demand for indoor and outdoor continuity.

Totally in tune with the brand's ethos, the collection's pieces combine the democratic spirit of industrial products with the intimacy of an artisan soul, recognisable in the exquisite craftsmanship of each piece.

In keeping with the brand's philosophy of evolution, the 2023 collection is also characterized by special research into materials able to meet new design needs, for example metals, with the new polished black chrome and bronze-plated steel finishes, but also fabrics thanks to the renewed offering by Loro Piana Interiors. 

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