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"There is a responsibility towards our clients, after all, they will live everyday with our furniture, and hopefully for several generations, so we must ensure that what they invest in remains timeless. It’s my great commitment.

Marta Sala

Marta Sala steeped in this rich cultural heritage, it was not until 2015 that Marta Sala decided to reinterpret her family tradition in design for a new generation, to update the concept of architects drawing furniture, produced and checked by her, and to add her own flare: "1950s design corresponded to an Italian or European upbringing, culture, way of life, it encouraged sitting in a certain way and influences one’s attitude. Today, design travels across the whole world, with its multitude of cultures and be-haviours. So we have to create nomadic high quality objects and pieces of furniture, with a freedom of use, positioned as it suits to any client and lived as they fancy it. Everyone uses their furniture in their own way, according to their culture, and rein-venting their living space when desired. Quality design is a niche that travels now 360 degrees, Marta Sala Editions reaches many countries of the world, with which we must create a bond of culture and recognition, and at the same time, we still pro-duce haute couture». 

Each piece of furniture is the fruit of a creative dialogue. With her very specific background, Marta is the trait d’union between the designers and the craftsmen. She has an acute feel for proportions and for materials and a detailed knowledge of production constraints: «When I see a drawing, I can figure out the technical solutions, which allows the craftsmen to manufacture the prototypes, I then supervise the production, and I also take care of the quality control. Whether metal, marble, glass, fabric, wood, leather… there are at least 2 or 3 skills required to build each object, but always what makes the furniture stand apart is the uncompromising and rigorous hand finish. This gives the piece a unique and singular presence, what I call the Secret Soul of Useful Things». 

Marta Sala Editions offers products unique in terms of quality of design and manufacturing, but also pieces that could be reproduced in quantity to satisfy the needs of increasingly refine and demanding clients who are looking for authenticity, beyond brands and trends.  


With sixteen different metal finishing treatments in its catalogue, exclusive fabrics and various marbles, bespoken dimensions and outdoor solutions, the goal is also to offer to professionals a real support in creating custom-made pieces and to go deep in searching the different price ranges according the requirement of each single project. «I import the would-be owner’s unique codes and languages in every single piece.»




The choice of materials, colors and therefore fabrics are part of a project: workmanship, touch, color are determining elements. Loro Piana Interiors has proven to be an ideal interlocutor for this reason: a reference of research in the highest standards and innovation in the most distinguished of classics.

The fabrics selected are among the iconic Loro Piana Interiors: cashmere, wool and cashmere, pure wool and linen. Fabrics of fine workmanship, made in Italy, according to the canons dictated by the perfect balance between textile tradition and innovation, thus complement sartorial furniture, confirming the feeling that brings the observer closer to the idea of "couture" that Marta Sala represents on the international scene.

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