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Design: Lazzarini&Pickering
Wall Lamp LP2 — LPA 2017


The Renoir mirrors, and the potential they offer on both a playful and practical level, have inspired the Narciso model: a metal book in satined brass or satined black chrome. Thanks to a hidden strip of LED it is transformed into a wall light. It can be installed in the preferred direction, assembled to create a bright wall or placed on a table like a contemporary candle.


Rectangular back:

50 x 25 cm

Round front

50 x 25 cm

Depth 11 cm

Square back:

50 x 50 cm

Round front 50 x 25 cm

Depth 11 cm


— Frame: brass plate mm 2 laser-cut, hand-curved  / mat brass, mat black chrome o mat nickel.

— Back lacquered wood support to allow the fixing in the selected positions - With LED strip.

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