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Design: Lazzarini&Pickering
Chair S4 — LPA 2019


Collection V "Rooms" is composed by new creations and several reinterpretations of already existing pieces, featuring new finishes or unprecedented details and evolutions. Murena chair is presented with lesser extend measures, Murena Light, more suitable to be combined around a table. The upholstery solution is in one piece so the comfort even in those tiny proportions is preserved.


45 x 45 x h73 cm

Seat at 45 cm 


— White

— Pink


— Frame: metal laser-cut, curved, grind, hand-assembled before final finishing / Iron: powder coat colour RAL, similar bronze, galvanic brass or bronze / Stainless steel polished or mat / 316 marine outdoor version.

— Seat: multilayer wood, with foam, resinated layer -  In client's fabric (mt.1) / Mohair velvet / mixed linen Shanghai Pierre Frey.

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