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Design: Lazzarini&Pickering

Rug TP1 — LPA 2015


This new rug from Lazzarini&Pickering, enriched with metal details, is presented in 2015 for an exhibition in Paris at the Italian Embassy. MARTASALA ÉDITIONS was invited to represent the Italian knowledge and savoir-faire in a contemporary way, bringing new life to traditional roots. The bright elements in the pattern of the carpet created a dialogue with the golden ornaments of the palace. First brass details were glued on the chiseled vegetable silk cloth, then the prototype was finalized: it is now with velcro strips that the carpet is proposed to allow cleaning of both elements and delivery.


210 x 300 cm


Customized size on demand


— Bordeaux

— Moss green

— Turquoise​


— Chiseled vegetable silk and wool.

— Insert: waxed brass / copper / stainless steel - With velcro strips.

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