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Design: Lazzarini&Pickering

Door Handle M1 - LPA 2017


A door handle, Juan, round shaped, is a brand new product typology from architects Lazzarini&Pickering that Marta Sala has requested: it is an essential detail to add the finishing touch to a home design. The inspiration comes from the nautical world, soft lines specially designed for specific spaces.
Available in mat brass or in stainless steel it is presented even as an accessory to a sofa or an elegant armchair.


15 x 4 x h3,5 cm
Thickness 3 mm
With squared bar 8x8 / 7x7 mm


— Metal sheet curved and welded  / brass / stainless steel

— Outside polished or mat, inside mat  - Outdoor 316  marine stainless 

Steel version available.

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