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Design: Lazzarini&Pickering
Sofa D6 — LPA 2023


Inge Full was created in 2023 as the outdoor evolution of the sophisticated Inge sofa, having retained its timeless charm and the odd proportions of its elements, albeit with updated lines revisited by its authors. It has the same hexagonal base and linear back, but adds more seat depth and soft lumbar cushions to accentuate its cosy, enveloping look. Thanks to the special construction technique and the exclusive Loro Piana Interiors Dehors fabric, Inge Full’s calling is that of an elegant indoor - outdoor sofa.


Two seat

210x79 x h77 cm

Seat at cm.41

In client’s fabric ( mt.8)

Three seats

270x79 x h77 cm

Seat at cm.41

In client’s fabric ( mt.10)

Four seats

330x79 x h77 cm

Seat at cm.41

In client’s fabric ( mt.13 )

390/420x79 x h77 cm

Custom sizes on request

Can be produced in two separate pieces


— Clear blue


— Frame: solid wood and marine plywood / elastic belts / multi-density waterproof polyurethane foam padding.

— Steel feet 

— Cushion: foam and diacron, removable covering.

Client's fabric or Loro Piana Interiors Dehors Grimaud

For requests and information

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