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Design: Lazzarini&Pickering
Table T5 — LPA 2018


Collection IV "Frames" born from Marta's decision to transmit the essence of the drawing of architects Lazzarini&Pickering with a new lightness and a rediscovered purity of forms, supported by the astonishing quality of realization of MARTASALA ÉDITIONS craftsmen. A serie of tables with different heights and multiple applications, conceived for private use but also for contract. With a sophisticated and gentle appearance, the top is circular in Calacatta gold lightened marble that reminds a parchment sheet.
The structure is originally realized by a succession of thin tubular elements in polish brass like the rope of a harp; each one is inserted by hand from the base into the supporting brass circle, in order to avoid any type of visible welding. A second version is available in iron simil brass to offer different range of prices.


⌀80 x h60 / h90 / h110 cm


— White


— Frame: mat brass / iron similar brass

— Top: Calacatta gold  lightened marble, stain-resistant treatment

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